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ljf-jazz-and-friends-2016-lores-1837Litchfield Performing Arts' mission is to educate and inspire young people to be confident, creative, expressive individuals through challenging programs in jazz music and the performing arts and to share the passion and magic of the arts with the wider community.
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For over 34 years Litchfield Performing arts has been promoting arts throughout Connecticut starting with living room concerts and eventually producing both the Litchfield Jazz Camp and the Litchfield Jazz Festival.
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Litchfield Performing Arts is a not-for-profit educational charity, dedicated to changing lives through the arts. To accomplish our mission we need your support. This year we need your help more than ever as a result of drastic cuts in available state funding.
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Years of service to the community

Scholarship Opportunities

Awarding $100,000 annually in scholarships to students in financial need

Programming for communities all over

Students of the Litchfield Jazz Camp and festival goers of the Litchfield Jazz Festival come from all over the world!

Keeping the arts alive

Through education, community involvement, and providing work for artists we are helping keep the arts alive in America.

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