A not-for-profit educational charity.

Litchfield Jazz Camp and Festival extend their sympathies and concern for all those families and individuals whose lives were disrupted or destroyed by the cataclysms our nation has faced in the last few months- The devastating hurricanes that racked Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida and other states, the act of horror in Las Vegas that killed and injured so many, the wildfires in California that have and continue to wipe out homes and lives.

It is no small task to remain optimistic at a time like this.  But we must.  We here turn to music and the positive impact it has on the lives on young people, those who will make the world of tomorrow a better, safer place.  These young people will be the ones to help restore the planet and reverse the sad effects of climate change, to make gun violence a thing of the past, and war as a solution to differences a non-starter.  This is not just our hope.  It is our fondest expectation.

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